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How to donate

La nostra organizzazione apprezza la generosità e l’ingaggio di persone come te.

Ogni contributo concorre a migliorare quello che Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V. può fare come organizzazione di utilità pubblica senza scopo di lucro.

Se desideri una quietanza della donazione,  inserisci il tuo indirizzo nella causale del bonifico; la quietanza sarà inviata per posta 

Estremi bancari:


Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V.

Iban: DE50 7905 0000 0048 7790 86


Vogliamo fornire informazioni corrette e adeguate sullo scopo del tuo sostegno.  

Non esitare  a contattarci per qualsiasi domanda.



Diventa un membro attivo 

Vuoi unirti ai nostri sforzi ma non sai da dove cominciare? 

Impegnati con Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V. e approfitta dell'incredibile opportunità di sostenerci.  


Divenire un membro attivo è una possibilità fantastica di contribuire al nostro obiettivo e anche il più piccolo contributo conta per aiutare i bambini e le famiglie bisognosi.  


Contattaci adesso per ottenere più informazione su come puoi aiutarci o mandaci una dichiarazione di adesione compilata.   

Dichiarazione di adesione Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V.



not sure what to donate for?

These are some of the areas we could need your support

Soccer Pitch

We are depending on the school opening times to carry out our sports activities. With our own soccer pitch we are flexible, can hold tournaments and can store our equipment. For this project we need 5000 Euros to build the pitch and 4000 Euros for building a store and changing room.

Chicken Farm

To become more sustainable we want to raise and sell chicken. This will also serve our nutrition project at the center. Donate for one chicken 12 Euros or help building the stall with a donation of 400 Euros.


We often have to reach far into the villages for home visits, resettlements and community activities. To keep our staff and children safe we want to invest in a 4-wheeler. It will also make retreats and trips as a group possible, without the need of hiring a vehicle expensively. You can make a donation towards reaching our goal of 30.000 Euros to buy a Toyota HiAce High Roof Top.

Maternity Kit

Many young girls, who are unexpected pregnant, don't receive support from their families. They are forced to give birth from their village because of lack of transport and finances. Besides of family counseling and guidance of under-aged, pregnant girls we want to help them with an emergency kit to access the medical service needed to keep mother and child safe.

Monthly Donation

With a monthly donation you give us the opportunity to plan ahead and across our projects. Your faithful giving gives security in financial planning and gives us the chance to carry out our operation

16 days of activism

Our community dialogues during the the 16 days of activism sensitize about GBV, gender equality, children's rights, rights of people living with disabilities and more. Support our work by sponsoring one event for each 250 Euros.

New Motorbike

For our field visits and daily operations, e.g., home visits, community activities, sports, etc., we are in need of reliable means of transport. We don't have enough means to carry out our activities and are in need of 2 new bikes, which cost 5,000 Euros each.

Fencing of Vegetable garden

The neighbors' cows and goats keep destroying the crops of our vegetable field. You can make our harvest successful by donating for building a fence for 2000 Euros.

Radio Talk show

To be able to reach out to more people with our sensitization programs, we want to implement a quarterly radio talk show. Each activity costs about 350 Euros, for which you can make a specific donation today.

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